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Nulls Not Equal

Nulls Not Equal published on 4 Comments on Nulls Not Equal

I dont know why the server is still running -but so long as it is running I will be updating! I will be updating regardless so if the site is down (and it will be eventually) check the Twitter and or Facebook for updates!
Here are the links
I should also be streaming Friday night at 9pm EST here –


well, i can see the site itself again, but i can’t see the comic…. it’s just an empty space where the comic should be, even after several reloads and waiting several minutes to see if the comic is just taking longer to load….

That is because the site is not done yet. It’s still being setup in the background. Please be patient.

Sage, do you have any idea what’s happening with the rest of the Katbox comics? Yours is the only one that’s back up that I know of. All the others that I read either give a 404 or a picture of a vase with “The Katbox Comics and More” at the bottom. I wouldn’t normally ask, but it’s been several days (almost a week i think?) and I can’t find anything about what’s happening.

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