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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 published on No Comments on Happy New Year 2017

Happy new year everyone! Hope you enjoy the filler. If you haven’t heard about my second comic- well I used this filler as an opportunity to let people know! It already has a prologue Chapter and Chapter 1 is a little less than halfway finished. It updates every Wednesday! Aso for what Artificial Incident is about, it’s part of the relatively new Genre “LitRPG”. Many of you have probably heard of or seen a LitRPG concept or show without realizing it. Pretty much everything from Captain N the Game master to Sword Art Online is a litRPG. Even the old D&D animated series from the 80s was technically litRPG, heck even movies like Total Recall can be LitRPG. If you want to know more about it, there is an about page on Artificial Incident that I worked on to make sure it covered a bunch of things about the genre.
As for the story itself, it follows Kaylin, a dark elf rogue created by a man named Kevin. Seemingly trapped in the game world or something else, she’s searching for answers. What happened? Is she Kevin or is she herself? Are her feelings real? Is she real? Is anything around her more than just a program? Are there others like her? And so much more. It’s been a pleasure working on it and I am so glad I can finally share it with everyone!
Btw- Clicking any of this text from the start to the bottom will take you to the site at!
Yosh Continues Wednesday along with the new AI update!

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