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If Phil wasn’t immune to getting magically turned into a girl, that could happen to him and we might not notice for a bit, since he’s that girly. Like Tedd from EGS

Pity that Dan went and said the TF gun is affected by magic resistance
Imagine the possibilities

Now I wanna see Kate’s costume, nyao!
Of course, some time it might be fun to see a Yosh/Artifcial Incident “crossover” with characters from Yosh cosplaying as AI chara and vice versa… (Maybe as an Aril Fool’s day joke?)

You would love a ilthid

That’s a kinda confusing statement because Illithids are Mindflayers.

oh man i butchered the spelling. thats what i get for commenting so late at night while exhausted from trying to keep up with 6 nieces on sugar rushes. but yes i was saying you would love illithids.

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