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Christmas 2014 Kate

Christmas 2014 Kate published on No Comments on Christmas 2014 Kate

First filler for Christmas! Some of you may recognize this sweater thing she’s wearing (others will notice shes not wearing pants, thats kinda odd). I saw it a few weeks ago and thought “thats actually pretty neat looking”. So i decided I’d use it for the filler! Then i found out it’s become a bit of a meme. Still, i like it, and some of the memes with it are really funny ^^
Anyways! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Other filler goes up Friday, Patreon has a bunch of updates there so check them out and please consider helping out there!
Next week will be Regular comic for Monday, Extra Comic Tuesday, New years filler for Wednesday with a bonus comic too. Regular updates resume that Friday! Whew! Super busy month!
OH! Also, when not working on comics and art, I am part of a RPG Podcast called… We Play RPGs! If you like Table top RP games check it out!

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