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Back From AWA Filler!

Back From AWA Filler! published on No Comments on Back From AWA Filler!

Drew this in the hotel room before sleeping after another long day! So much fun!
This is also a bit of a joke with the picture, well one of the pictures I did for Tom. Keith is always so mopey even when he’s in the best possible situation.
So! It reads…
“Comic resumes Wednesday! 2Kinds should update Wednesday too! (though he did have a long 7 hour drive home, he has since made it home safely as well!) Paprika Tuesday! Rascals- I duno! (yep, spelled dunno wrong!) Godai wasn’t in the room!” So! That’s it guys… Oh… But there’s also a bunch of sketches and stuff from our time at the con being posted on Twitter! Go check em out if you wanna see some awesome stuff! Later!

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