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#2214 published on 13 Comments on #2214

Just so you all know, doing action scenes for Yosh! can be quite difficult with the time constraints and having to do 3 comics in a week. So I might have to do more 3 panels and maybe even some full page spreads for this. It will let me pace things out a bit more, and occasionally give me more time to work on a much more dense and complicated scene. Going back to read it should be a lot more smooth but for those of you reading every day, thanks, but it might not seem to move very quick. If i did speed it up though, it would be very lacking. Hope you all understand that! I will also show more impacts rather than cut them, but I felt it would be better to build up into the fight rather than starting at 11.


I’ve read this for years, I would be anoyed if you rushed the finaly.

Who says this has to be the finaly?

Feels more like a mid point, I mean we haven’t even met Kate’s future step mother yet…

Not to mention that everything is gearing up for a fight against Death….. Life is practically not even being talked about, but she is part of the whole thing… and whatever tf they’ve actually been up to… which, you know, we still don’t know yet.

I’m pretty sure life was portrayed as a male. A bishi, but still a dude. Actually…. Now I want to see a super bishi version picture of “life”. He was actually kinda hawt. In a creepy super bad guy way.

But yeah! Mother-in-laws, hue talking to earth, life, demon Kings having little slug babies, rieko getting all of her memories back and then going on a rampage and killing everyone who was in the mob that killed her, and a whole lot more. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yosh! Gets past the 8000 page mark. We probably won’t see life again until late this year or early next year.

Anyway, I agree with @Hevensdragon on the fact that this set of fights, and really fighting on the island in general has been coming for so long, I don’t care if the rest of 2019 is just more of what we have already seen.
-Meoi Lass

Life might be the only one that can contain the Null long term, come to think of it, the Null power works against offensive and some neutral magic, but avoids interfering with anything that keeps someone alive, so in theory it might not stop a rejuvenation/regression that kept a Null at an age where they are pretty hopeless to get out of a cage of some sort… The Null power doesn’t keep the host from aging either. And that’s just what can be done directly. His power might not be as easily agressive, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t very significant in combat. Not only can he be a super healer, but he can probably influence the growth of life around him, and probably even inside an opponent’s body, combine that with his magic sword collection..

The fact that we don’t see him out at the moment should be concerning, he is the most powerful 5 aligned combatant we (and our heroes) know practically nothing about.

Honestly, it kinda felt like Life and Death were getting set up as midbosses to some degree.

Cortex, on the other hand….he says he wants to be the “hero”, but the way he sneaks around, gets set up as a final/secret boss….

A thought occured to me about Life and his “hobby” of collecting magical artifact weapons and particularly swords… With martial arts that deal with weapons, it is often taught that one should consider the weapon as an extension of themselves, and that is especially prominent with blades, what if when dealing with magical weapons for the purposes of the Magi of Life that isn’t just metaphorical?

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