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Rule number 1 , never underestimate your enemy

Another rule #1 is that to use appropriate force and to not use more energy than you have to, without prior knowledge, it would be extreme paranoia to assume that Kate has more than just the amulet…

The opposite. If the opponent shows an amount of resources or force above what they should. Assume they have additional forces

And wasting energy on a minor threat when there is an apparent larger threat is something to avoid. Kate showed no active use of magic and unless you had prior knowledge, given the cost of the stuff it would be unrealistic to assume that a cafe waitress would have more than the one that was clearly just given to her by a demon, let alone know how to use it.

A wrong assumption but not without good reason

Not much time to prepare and again, Kate has shown no indication she can actively use magic. Plus the invading force is going through the weak like a hot knife through butter, and they are not as easy to replace….

All other subcomments on the above comment forget that miss Death is the incarnate personified being of the magical forces of death. Not just a young woman who talks and acts strange. I don’t think she is going to worry too much about being killed. I mean, it has happened before, and hey, she even learned something new about the null. If that is not enough for one reincarnation, then there is the fact that not much can really change to stop the twins within the next few years, without HUGE risks for all humanity. Yeah, she should probably be more careful, but hey, she must have a just as good of reason to send proxy away as not.
Meoi Lass

if i recall right, she’s actually the reincarnate of the Magi of death? she has no knowledge that magic has a will and Defies their misinformed opinion they have a right to rule at every turn. (remember: Magic themselves is what made the magi’s worst enemy: the Null)

When an enemy has played one card you weren’t prepared for, assume they have more cards at their disposal.

She’s making an Assumption about Kate. And on the field of battle, making assumptions about your enemy can too easily lead to you being put in a bad position.

Kate has had no reason to go on the offensive and she has already made the Assumption that Kate has no offensive ability. That’s a dangerous way to think.

The fact Kate seemed calm about their arrival should have set off warning bells.


Two surprises in quick succession, and she’s not at wary of a third.

To be fair it has been established that Chimera with animal features can’t produce magic on their own and the amount of orrichalum one would need to really pose a threat to a magi would be insanely expensive, so it would be really pushing the paranoia to assume that a middle class young woman would ever find herself in possession of that much, let alone know how to use it…

Fair enough. That said, the particulars of the next surprise are less important than acknowledging that one has already *been* surprised. *Twice.* The exact details might be highly unusual, but Death is failing to exercise any caution at all despite how her expectations have already been proven erroneous. That’s what I mean: she’s not adapting to the situation.

i wonder how decent cain robots will be in comparison to lien

They’re all gonna be scrap piles by the end of it, as Cain is just like death and life, Arrogant and stupid. so he wouldn’t have re-made the model, hell you can see it in their entrance scene, Lien TORE through the cannon fodder drones. (and the “Decent” drones didn’t have much resistance, reminder: on their first and only deployment we’ve seen, the gynoid’s they fought held back based on Lia’s plan, as they didn’t want to show all the cards at the time.)

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