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Wow, when looking at the second panel I just couldn’t recognize lien. I think it’s the eyes, pretty sure we never saw them. Also do to positioning we can’t see the hair buns. I debated if maybe that was shiden even after the last panle as it wouldn’t be odd for him to wear the same gear as lien.

Someone always says this but her eyes have been shown many times. 😛

Yes but panel tows picture shows none of her unique traits, no clamp ears, no hair buns, her hair isn’t over her eyes, new outfit, hard to tell if guy or girl by chest(didn’t she have a medium size chest at one point?) And lastly, no fool getting put down.

No, Lien has always been one of my most consistently flat chested characters. Also her ear cup is visible and she was in this outfit a few weeks ago.

Ya I realized the ear cup was there after I posted. I mistook it as a headset. As for why I thought she had more of a chest, I thought of when Phil walked in on Kate mesering her. She was never big but I didn’t think she was flat.

Is it possible that Lien’s hairstyle is equivalent to bodyguards wearing mirrored sunglasses in that it prevents others from knowing where she is looking. That way, her targets don’t know they are targets until they’re hit.

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