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Most if not all of the elementals distrusted their current hosts because previous hosts were not so nice. Perhaps Death sees the null as a way to be rid of its current host.

Life and death are probably different. They are always the same mentally as they inherit there predisesors memories. So yes there elements could hate them, but it would be all not just a few. But remember why the elements are mad, they are treated as tools not teammates. But this brings me to my prediction. What if the element is the ones in control. It would explain a lot. Why memories are inherited for one. If all that is happening is body jumping then its just recalling its own memories. Nether life nor death were interested in talking to their elements, implieing the ethere already know how, it wont benifit, or they straight up dont want to know how. This would also explain why the other elements felt responsible to the point of making the null to counter life and death. And it also makes the null far more potent a threat to then as it can lift the possession.
We even have evidence that a element can take control with emi.

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