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Ok my inner folklorist just bellowed in fury, sorry but a Hobgoblin is a small hairy creature which are usually linked to Yorkshire which are apart from being mischief makers they known for being hardworking and helpful. They are probably the kindest of all the goblins, Dobby is literally based on one called master Dobbs sorry for ranting Phil but this is a subject I care a great deal about but that is not a Hobgoblin.

The problem with many creatures of myth is that it depends on the country (and time period) in question. There are creatures of myth that used to be well respected but became demonized later on. Also, as an example, pretty much every country has its own version of vampires and a number of them do not have the “classic” weaknesses of daylight, garlic, etc, etc. This of course gives authors that use real world myths a LOT of leeway in writing their stories.

Most importantly however is the fact this is Phil’s story, which means it is his world. Ergo, the creatures in his world may very likely be different.

I am well aware of what folklore says about goblins and hobgoblins and fey. I know all about Redcaps, Brownies, I know that Puck was a hobgoblin.  I am also aware that this is my story with my fiction. In Yosh, Goblins are creatures created by the nightmares of people. Hobgoblins are an advanced form of those that can take on many different forms. Goblins as you imagine them in folklore, do not exist in Yosh. Their stories do- but they are from a time of no magic. Just the imagination of people trying to make sense of shadows and noises they saw and heard.

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