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Alternatively, think of it this way.
Is she expecting to have 6 kids total? Maybe, maybe not. But if they got one family pass, then they’d only be covered for two kids, and if they happened to have a third, having an extra family pass ready to go prevents the awkward situation of still having to pay for the 3rd kid.
So it’s less “I’m planning to have 6” and more “I have no idea how many we might have, but this should definitely keep us covered regardless of the number. Unless we really go all out with it.”

Sounds normal to me. Im the youngest of 7, My dad is the oldest of 9, and my mom is one of 6. God remembering birthdays of cousins.

me, i’m only the third of 3, but my mom was 4th of 8 kids, and my dad was 13th out of 14 kids. and i used to have a friend from school who was oldest of i think 8 and was one more on the way, and i don’t think they were finished at 9. so yeah more than 2 kids happens a lot (oddly though my mother was the only one of her siblings to have more than 2)

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