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Is this the first male chimera we’ve seen? I can’t remember any others.

Lien was first introduced crushing one underfoot. Proably were a few unnamed ones at conventions, hard to tell do to cosplay. Also not sure if he counts or not but Kate and Phils son from all the specals. Would normal not count him but they are rather recurring.

I had just forgot that bigots were a thing in the world of this comic and here we are with a possibly drunk dumb ass to remind us good job Sage
Remember everyone treat others how you would like to be treated other wise shut the fuck up or someone takes your spot on the ride

So at first glance i was like of hey rabbit ears. Then i looked closer at hers and thought maybe deer. Then maybe horse (that was that horse girl anime just a bit ago after all and we all know abot sage and anime) And now i cann’t decide if even his are rabbit or something else. Please ether say in the next few pages or responed what are they.

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