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“Very lucky not to be hurt.” How, last I knew he was quite literally invulnerable to actual harm… If anyone’s lucky it’s the bird!

“Best to play it as” is the part you might be missing unless you are just trying to make a joke. Assuming it’s not a joke- They are talking about how they want to cover up the unusual fact that he is invulnerable. Finally to remove even more fun, it’s been shown that Phil’s invulnerability has the capacity to seriously harm something that means to harm him, but it’s also been show to prevent others from being harmed. For example, if Lien kicked Phil while he was not expecting it forcing the attack to be nullified- lien could destroy her leg kicking a non-moving invulnerable object.

Well since it apparently didn’t show up when I sent it last night…
Another day, another comment system. And this one I can actually log into. The last one kept giving a 400 error when trying to log in with the google account option. Don’t know about the Facebook button since I don’t use facebook. But hey, this one also has a twitter login option which is what I prefer.
Last panel really shows how much of a kid spirit Phil has. Maybe it’s his nostalgia, but it is cute.

I think so far most of us are happy with this comment system. Still- Everything is in flux right now so if we find something better we might switch again. We’ll see. Glad this one works for you. That error you are talking about was one of the major issues we had with the last one. Long story short it had a lot of customization but at a huge cost to get it all working. Also – The current one is still throwing some comments into “Unapproved” as it gets tweaked. If your message doesnt show it’s probably sent to the queue for manual approval. Hopefully after a users comment is approved it will approve them automatically unless it detects something. I just approved this one instead of the other so you just had one comment instead of 2 saying the same thing and so I could address this issue for you without other people reading it saying “What is he talking about?”

Yeah you know what? Playing it as being lucky is the smart thing. Just because he’s invulnerable doesn’t mean other patrons are, so the park still needs to be held accountable for a bird flying into someone’s head at a show so they can work to figure out what went wrong and prevent a repeat of the incident.

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