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Considering her eyes match her hair, she could be one of Shiden’s robot girls who went off to do their own thing, like Rayne. Or she could be Cortex’s subordinate Miss Barnham in disguise. Possibly hoping for a blood sample from Phil. Or she could just be an average zookeeper having an interesting day.

I have a feeling we might see something strange on the replay.
Personal Note:Did you guys change the Comments system again? For the love of all things who is in charge of this and can someone please make them stop flipping through a new system every few weeks?!

I’ve explained this and warned about it several times. We are trying out different systems to find something that doesnt negatively affect our server or our users experiences. Would you prefer we stop trying new things knowing that it would affect the security and or the usability of the site?

well no but it is getting kind of well. . . but to be fair the recent ones have been a lot better especially since the comments to prier comment systems haven’t been erased its kinda surprising there are this many types of comment systems but the one used before was confusing in the sense of updates to comments and replies thinking about it WordPress is a good one because people could even get immediate updates when a new comic come out at least that’s how its worked for me

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