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I have to say: I’m not a huge fan of the background for this new comment system. The static/snow look of it keeps making me think my computer and/or browser are glitching out again.
Also, falling into the wolf enclosure while trying to pet the ‘dogs’ sounds like a very Phil thing to do.

Shoot, I meant to say “think” in my last comment. Wish I could go back and edit.

Fixed if for ya- Currently it seems to be pretty strict on the moderation requiring everything be approved. Thus why no one saw their own comments posted.
As for the background, it’s all totally moddable so I’m sure, when Mihari gets the time, she’ll get a new background or layout for it.

Hearing about Phil’s close encounter with the wolves, it really is fortunate that he’s physically invincible.
Also, a new comment system again? This seems like a bit much.

He wasn’t when he was 8 the physical invulnerability is a result of years of work on the part of the friendly demonic penguin repeatedly placing him in danger over several years and only reached that point after some point after the first or second convention in the comic.

Top kek, I can’t login with Google because of a “redirect_uri_mismatch”. Might want to look into that. OTOH, I can retain some more privacy with just this form here.
Anyway, what I was going to say is that Phil looks like a kid again in the panel where he was talking about being 8. Was that intentional, or a funny coincidence?

He almost always looks childish- part of his whole “innocent idiot” shtick. I emphasized it a bit more here because he’s talking about his childhood and making him look a bit younger while mentioning something so frighting IRL to help the comedic punch.

I see!
Btw, the background is a bit better now, but whenever I mouse over a comment (for instance, yours), the background suddenly turns white and I can’t read it.

New comment system is still a work in progress. We might not even stick with it as it might actually be quite expensive if we want all the features. We are doing everything we can find a comment solution for the site that doesnt put up unwanted ads or affect the site negatively like almost every comment system we have used in the past.

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