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Okay first Sage you are part of it can you please make whoever is in charge of Katbox pick a dame comment system and stick with it the vanishing comments is starting to get annoying.
Second Phil went to a amusement park just to take in the sights when he was younger?

Well first off, this latest change didn’t delete all comments. Second it removed the autoplaying video advertising we were getting with the last one and it also doesn’t email you every time you make a post!
Second part, yes. Sometimes if you are a local near such a Park you can get family discount season passes granting you unlimited Access to the park all season for the cost of a single ticket at full price.

Personally, i like the old comment system. It’s not so confusing as this new one.

Well let me tell you a story… Tom and I were at a convention. Before going to bed I checked the comments for the day and my site wouldnt load because of some advertising company. It forced the site to time out several times before I could read the comments. I set the phone down and plugged it in to recharge for the night and we went to sleep. After finally falling asleep suddenly there was a strange noise “CHECK OUT THIS BRAND NEW-” Tom and I wake up and hes like “What the heck was that?” and I was like “I have no idea-” i grab my phone and- The ad on the site started randomly playing in the background of my cellphone!!! It was also looping burning through my data on my phone!
Suddenly people start commenting less and less and I get new readers messaging me that they cant load the pages because this autoplaying ad is a problem. Asking them to use an ad blocker is like saying “Hey! I know the site is supported by ads but just use one anyways!” So each time someone says they like the old one better makes me imagine they must have an ad blocker running because NO ONE would want THAT on a site.

Are there still people who go on the internet without having an adblocker?
I haven’t done that since the time Youtube started to play ads in the beginning, the middle and the end of a video and some other sites opening multiple pop ups of random porn sites that you couldn’t even close because every time you did, it opened 2-3 new windows with the same crap.
At this point I decided it’s healthier for my PC to have adblock always installed and activated no matter which sites I go visit! I know it’s bad because smaller sites need the ad money, but it’s just too much of a risk to disable it, because there’s always the chance I forget to turn it back on! So yeah, internet only with adblocker and browser virus protection for me. And never use Admin Accounts to go online. Standard user all the way! And that’s what I’m telling everyone else I know to do! You can thank the people that started with those intrusive(and sometimes outright toxic) ads for that!

With the way adblock works these days we make an effort to make sure our site only runs ads we are comfortable with and ones we can control to prevent anything like that. We expect people to use ad block but we hope they will use the white list option on sites they want to support. We want to be one of those sites. This is the reason we have been adamant about changing the comment system. To make our site something people would be able to white list.
Also in that story- My phone runs ad block but I white list my own site obviously along with a list of other sites and creators I want to support. If i didn’t and somehow ads were modified by a ad partner I wouldn’t know about it and the few people out there kind enough to white list us would be subjected to content we didn’t approve of or know about.
I can’t blame someone else’s bad practices for ruining it for everyone. I can only do what I can to make the best with what I have to work with. If you think it’s fine to let everyone burn for someone else’s mistake, that’s your decision. I’ll keep on trying to fix it and make it the best I can.

The people I’m dealing with are the kind that would destroy their computers with viruses within a week if I didn’t install protection for them and tell them to just block everything. I had to because it’s a lot less trouble than to re-format and re-install their whole systems every month! I don’t trust any of them to know how to set up a white list.
I changed my adblocker some time ago. Now I use one that I have to deactivate on every single site. But I always use firefox private mode, so all the settings are deleted everytime I completely close the browser. Now the browser extension of my antivirus started to also block ads some updates ago and I don’t know how to disable that function without turning it off completely.
And I’ve been online for quite some years now. I had too many bad experiences with all kinds of bad things that computers can catch through the net. At some point I decided that you can’t be paranoid enough on the internet.
If I had to set up a website today, I would not enable any ads on it at all and fully rely on donations via patreon or paypal!

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