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hm, im not surprised that there is a plan like that.
My guess is that the plan is to upload people’s minds to computers and let download into a robot body. by making regular backups of their minds, so long as the backup storage media doesn’t get destroyed they are functionally immortal

I wouldn’t doubt it.
The name brings to mind the project from Nier (and by extension Neir: Automata) where it was a fallback plan in an apocalypse scenario. Don’t want to ruin any of the plot (as 1) I haven’t actually played it and 2) it’s complicated as hell) but I can see Shiden taking inspiration from that and the androids he’s built are already a significant step towards something like that.
Also enjoy Lien looking cute and making jokes. She’s come a ways from the hyper serious quiet inexpressive bodyguard.

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