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#2057 – It's Just a Game

#2057 – It's Just a Game published on

Streaming tonight! Like every Friday night! 9pm! EDT!!

Also a bit of information because this has been bothering me a little bit. People seem to be taking this a little too far in my opinion.
This simulation is Blue’s attempt to create something as close as possible to VR Porn, with the limitation of not actually being able to make anything pornographic. The characters have certain presets and you can bend rules. If you try to get the characters to become naked- they only go down to wearing underwear, but while bathing, in like a proper rating system and continuity, it wouldn’t make sense for characters to bathe while wearing underwear. So by making them bath they are as naked as they can get. The will inadvertently cover themselves or environmental effects will block view to things based on the programming to retain the “Rating”.

Now why did Serena get dropped into Blue’s “porn” game? Was it left running? No. Blue needs to use that device Serena is using to access the VR. So it just logged her in to the last open program accessed by that device.

Finally – Blue. I totally get it, if Blue were a male a lot of people would find it creepy, and I would agree with some of that. I think it is easier to get away with some of her actions because she is female. That said, I’ve worked hard to keep Blue on a leash- ok that didnt sound good either! I have improved her character. She’s still a very openly lesbian and sex loving woman, but she doesn’t actively try to pin girls to walls or anything like that. She might commonly look at other women- but that’s pretty normal for men and women alike. She has been somewhat aggressive towards Kate, though she knows that Kate might be bisexual and she (Kate) does like her. Blue knows there is a line and while she likes to prod the line sometimes she’s not the type to cross it. Now if you want an example of something she has done that I would never have her do again? The peeping. That was a product of TOO MUCH ANIMU! In anime and manga it was extremely common for the male characters to try and peep on the female characters and then comedy would happen! In all my wisdom i thought “Ha! Wouldn’t it be funny if it were the woman peeping?!” – The answer? Eh? Not really? I mean if the woman wants she could just – well this usually happens in hot spring for whatever reason (the reason is ANIME!), they could just go into the bath with a bunch of other girls and peep all they want and. . . It wouldn’t be weird? Whenever Yosh! end and I rewrite it all Blue will have a lot of changes, of course. I always aim to improve my work and my characters, but would she stop being a pervert? No, it’s too fun. For those who want an in universe reason for Blue becoming a better person. Nami. Nami is a driving force for Blue to be a better person.

That all said- don’t Shame Blue for trying to make porn. Most of you would do it too! Probably even creepier! If not- you’re probably under age! Or A-Sexual. Which is unusual but that’s ok too!

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