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What’s with the sleeves? Magical Repair Gi?

Well if anything would trigger your power to nullify things into overkill mode it’s the thought of getting groin attacked when you’re a guy that’s for sure. She’s lucky it didn’t erase her to make REALLY sure of things.

If you think about it, it can actually be even more painful for girls than guys. But because of reasons, it’s always thought of as an “anti-guy” attack.
If this doesn’t make Lilith have a little respect now, nothing will, because I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the android equivalent of having the life sucked out of you.

Oh it can KILL a female being struck there hard enough, whereas for a male while it could leave him a eunuch it won’t kill him. But due to decades of focus on the Groin Attack for males it’s left the public with the false belief that it’s harmless for females. An example shows up in an episode of King Of The Hill when Bobbie starts using a kick to the groin to deal with everyone including his father after being in a female self-defense class. When he tries it on his mother nothing happens even though it would have put her on the ground as well (because of course nobody has the sense to just wear a cup and confront him).
It will be interesting seeing how she reacts when she finally reboots and returns to consciousness, if she learns from it or proves too dense to do so.

i hope she backed herself up to prevent data corruption

I don’t think that they’ve got that option, they have for wont of a better term artificial souls in a containment device, they aren’t simply AI comprised of programming code and data in a storage device like a hard drive.

if she has electronic memory, she can back that up

That’s not actually true, HOW her data is stored could make backing it up impossible. If it were so easy to do we wouldn’t see examples of stark terror out of their creator when their ‘artificial soul’ is damaged, with a need for a specialized device to transfer it into. It’s pretty clear in the comic that the androids are meant to be like people in that they can’t just casually back themselves up and have ‘restore points’ or what have you. Being ‘killed’ is a very real concern for them, no convenient ‘I just save myself before going into danger’ escapes from death or revivals to be had from what we’ve seen so far in this comic.

. . .w-who won this fight because by logic it should be Phil but that just doesn’t seem right?

Well I think she was warnned, and using a power attack was probably not the best idea on her part.

power attack? it was a punch

Look like an empowered punch to me… not one of the other regular punches she had been using on him.

thank you Sage I was going to question that it felt more like Phil doing something in due part the fact I don’t think none of the current Androids have any kind of built in magic weapons or other kind of things like that and the whole only few things she have that are magic are her Energy Source(Orichalcum) and something with their hard drive and circuit boards are magic rest is pure science

When she reboots this will be the second time she’ll wake up on an operating/repair table. Assuming they don’t just leave her there on the floor in ignominy.
Also, time to get the sharpies. There is work to be done by Phil and Lien, really the only two people in the complex who’d be immune to reprisal.

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