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#2026 – Aggravated Nullification

#2026 – Aggravated Nullification published on 30 Comments on #2026 – Aggravated Nullification

Whelp… Phil should be hitting the ol’ dusty trail.(It’s not exactly over but- yeeeeeeah)I’ll be streaming tonight at 9pm est! Check it out on Picarto here! By here i mean this is a link. All this text takes you to which is where I stream, usually with some cool friends… at 9pm… Eastern Standard Time… Yup.


“I know your weak spot! Don’t flinch too much!” she says in crazy/evil triumph!
…and next thing she knows, she’s down for the count.
If that doesn’t humble her ego a bit, nothing will.

Unless if she is a sore loser and is going to keep claiming that Phil cheated, using some sort of outside force to affect her.
Heck, she didn’t accept the fact that he beat her first time (granted, it was with the staff, but still).

Whoa, what the heck just happened?
Does Phil have control over whatever that effect is?

Phil has been stated to have only a little bit of control over his “nullification” power. If something dangerous tries to go for him then it’ll either be “nulled” out of existence or as the case here…force an out of body experience // system shutdown.

He did make a point that “maybe he doesn’t affect the androids because he doesn’t want to hurt them”. But here it might be a case where his “I don’t want to get hit, it hurts” went over that in the scales, making “his safety” priority for his Null powers. After all, they do seem to be acting according to his biggest wishes more than being actually controlled. Again, with that theory it wouldn’t be LETHAL still, but she might be going through a full-body paralysis/blank moment at this rate (because there’d still be the wish that he doesn’t want to hurt others, just… As a “secondary” effect). Heck, if this goes bad, he might’ve accidentally kicked her conscious into another machine altogether.
…Unless if Phil somehow manages to make some sort of Lazarus effect or something and now she actually has a soul instead of power source.

And that was her big mistake, she went for a neck/throat strike which even with his invulnerability could have caused him problems breathing and his power was NOT going to put up with anything like that. She’s lucky it didn’t simply erase her like it did the bullet, I could see it Nulling even a car or plane impact if it had to so he wouldn’t even know it was coming.

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