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Next one will hurt

hurt who is the question for i feel it won’t be Phil.
just from a story telling pov stopping a page on a windup never ends well for that characters. I’m wonder if Lilith has pushed Phil’s power to far and if it will not and we get to see her hand get nulled like the bullet.
should be interesting

i disagree. i think she just finished analyzing him. as it was the one mental thing she could still do when broken its at the core of her fighting. so most likely her strongest skill. he is slipping in and out of focus. so she is simply timing her attack. he will be focused for the next hit. one of two things will happen. Phill enters a world of pain, or Phill shows a new form of his power. she still cant hurt him but his trick to completely nullify has been figured out.
PS story telling trends are guidelines not rules and often exist to be broken.

“PS story telling trends are guidelines not rules and often exist to be broken.”
except it that almost never happens out of nowhere and when it does its normally a trait of the writer in question wanting to be “subversive” which leads it to be telegraphed so to be expected. nothing in the way this story has been written up to this point nor the setup for this fight hints at a subversion. nor would a subversion here logically add anything to the plot as its not like Phil is the one in need of an attitude adjustment/humbling,
its not like he was the one to pick this fight nor is he the one braking the clearly defined rules of the fight because he’s a sociopathic nut job after all.
this whole fight is a perfect set up for phil to get a powerup which can’t end will for Lilith

i put the ps to show that that part was separate. also i was unclear about what part i disagreed with. i think Lilith will be able to hit him. i don’t think his power will blocker her. that part is were i disagreed. but once she hits him is were our options join. if she hits him in the throat to cut off his air one of the theorized weakness will finally be put to the test. ether it was not a weakness in the first place, he doesn’t actually need to breath. or he blacks out from no air and we get to see what his powers can do when he is not interfering with them.
personal theory on why he feels pain when he sees it coming. its not that he just mentally feels it. if that was the case why is he still sent flying and able to be pierced. his power does not block it if he sees it coming. his expectation on what something will do to him is controlling his power and not letting it stop the damage. he is fighting his power. zoning out is not what he need to do it just helps him stop restricting his powers.

So this is where Liliths hand breaks I guess. Phils powers have to stop that I hope. I mean it was pointed out he could probably suffocate if a pillow was placed over his mouth so does that mean his wind pipe could be broken? Two different things so maybe that would not work… Looking forward to finding out sage!

his wind pipe could not be as that is damage. if it could that means that stabbing his heart would stop his blood flow, but a ninja already tried that.(is that still cannon? it was in the really early stuff.) basically the things that affect him must do so without altering his body. the reason strangling works is not the damage to his throat its that he isn’t pulling in air. we also do not actually know if that can kill him. he blacks out without air but that is as far as we know. tom said he would most likely die without air,water,food and that sickness and poison may hurt him but only as a theory. none are tested. as we know now he only reacts in pain as its what he believes should happen. the same could be true for no air. also if he does black out good luck hurting him more.

here is how i see this ending. she stops him from breathing and blacks out. once out we will see his true power surface and he will be completely untouchable. it was only a theory by Tom that he would die from no oxygen,water,food. we have a lot more info now so not sure why there hasn”t been a revision to that theory.

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