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This is what happens when you are operating under a severely flawed understanding of your foe. One moment, it seems like you are kicking ass, and the next: complete and obvious impotence.
Lilith had a moment, and now that moment is over.
Order up: a dose of humility!

hm, trying to hit the back of his head isn’t really helping your earlier technique of keeping him aware, sis.

Now I see why Lien allowed this. A good training session, for both of them.
And after an archive dive I’m a bit (like half a thimble) more charitable towards Lilith, she’s clearly testing her sense “morality”, like when she kicked Phil when he was down. She’s still clearly psychopathic but at least she’s functional. She’d fit in well in the Schlock Mercenary universe.

I think Lilith is going through a stage that most people go through when they are still children, with the benefit of authority figures to guide them. Lilith doesn’t really have that advantage, because the number of authority figures who are capable of actually enforcing their authority on her is very, very small. So she literally has to learn on her own what it means to be “moral”.
Not saying she’s not a grade A asshole, because she is. Tends to be the case when your starting point is “no morality whatsoever”, with very few limits placed upon you. She just hasn’t had a lot of time to develop that sense of morality.

so that’s phil’s super armor wonder if that is going to get a nerf?

In a world full of demons, magicians, monsters, androids, and lord knows what else … his immunity is about on par for the course.

yeah but in all seriousness we never actually have seen phil’s immunity used in well . . .combat so this is a pleasant thing to see also raise the question Phil is invincible making it impossible for anyone to actually win against him so . . .how can you have story unless their is a way to turn it off long enough for a fatal attack also last panel is funny cause in my head the flow of that scene is lilith is trying to finish her kick which has just stopped dead so its like she is pushing her foot on the side of phil’s head

It’s a common enough question asked. How do you hurt the guy who is invulnerable to damage? I mean, think about Superman. One thing you do is hit them where they have no defenses. To a villain who is twisted enough, he DOES have a weakness …. a certain girl he cares for.

stories with invincible characters become about the other people of the world and i’m not just talking about their loved ones. the thing with phil is that while invincible he’s not super man, meaning he’s slow and weak. his challenges we come from being good/fast enough to save everyone else in time

. . .just to note superman has a weakness that can actually kill him it’s called kryptonite til now Sage has never actually stated anything being able to kill Phil. On that note while its true phil is slow and weak if all the attacks of your enemy or attacker get negated on contact and you are the weakest person(attack wise) you know is it smarter to go after you or those around you or to not bother in the first place

superman isn’t the only invincible character in writing, in fact there are far more invincible characters out there. there’s one punch man, the hulk, wolverine and deadpool and none of these characters have a krptonite like weakness and they’re still interesting.
its not the threat of death that makes a character interesting its their struggle that makes a good story.

okay can I argue your line up aside from Saitama(onepunch man) none of these guys are invincible in fact many have died multiple times deadpool actually killed himself once seriously it was a comic arc of his and hulk is actually dead in the current marvel comic line least my knowledge what with the “Special” bullet to the head that banner ate that made his current new hulk persona die with him, wolverine was encased in adamantium and again Saitama is actually a satirical hero meant to poke fun at the rest of these guys so ironically enough to this date he is the only one who is really invincible also was never saying that the lack of immanent death was lacking in this comic I was saying that all the superman is invincible worship is false it wasn’t even meant to be taken as a serious important thing neither is the ways that hulk or wolverine died suppose to be important just that phil is a unique thing that can’t really be compared to superheroes more BS characters with one special thing that makes it impossible for them to be attacked or hurt by said heroes or others also throw the fact that all his friends are practically superheroes in their own rights and then that makes Phill even weirder

True, attacks like “go after the loved one” are best used in moderation. Otherwise they feel like “Aunt May” after awhile. Hero A: “Oh no, Aunt May was kidnapped.” Hero B: “Again?” Games like DnD with multiple types of defense have an actual term for how to deal with heavily armored targets. “Hit them in the NADs (Non Armor Defense).” Guy wears heavy plate? Chances are he’s not going to be dodging traps very well.

this statement is false because Phil is Aunt May in this situation to my understanding or rather believe Phil still is the weakest person in this comic there for he would be Aunt May to Kate’s Peter Parker . . .and I realize that is hilarious but it is still true

Phil’s the hero of the story by the virtue of the plot he’ll never be an aunt may like character. besides its not like anyone can really hurt Phil so taking him hostage isn’t effective. tho it would be fun to have some one try and like a week later phil walks into the apartment and they ask what happen to which phil says.
“they said i was annoying them and sent me home” lol

Okay was never denying that Phil is the Hero of this Story but this story is Avengers, X-Men and Justice League While Phil is “a hero” of the story He is not the only Hero also why did you have to give that example, now Sage might use it as a Filler Arc or something with everyone getting distracted looking for Phil to keep an eye on the twins I already see that scenario of Phil getting kidnapped and then coming home from him being well himself and being aware of how Phil is well Phil

Matthew, I’ve actually seen comics that did just that. “Take them back, please!” when they discovered their hostage was causing problems. And of course when played for laughs, the heroes respond with a “we’ve almost met your demands. Just a couple more days.”

It honestly depends on how well defined the person’s power set is, and what you define as “defeated”.
For example, there’s a character in another comic I follow called Achilles, and his superpower is invulnerability. His known feats include tanking a missile with his face, blocking a sword thrust with his face (it’s something of a pattern because he knows how unnerving it can be to watch), and drinking a tube of anthrax, all without any harm to his person.
But he’s balanced by the fact that his ONLY power is being invulnerable. In every other regard he is identicle to an ordinary person with no powers at all. In the same fight where he blocked a sword with his face, he was taken out by being buried under a pile of rubble that was too heavy for him to dig himself out.
By comparison, Superman has MANY other powers besides being invulnerable, and it is that combination that makes him so hard to defeat.

You can “defeat” an opponent without physically harming them. Many RPGs actually discuss that fact, that victory in a fight doesn’t mean you killed all your enemies. If you make them surrender by verbally browbeating them, its still counts as winning the fight.

He’s not invincible, the demon penguin pointed that out ages ago. Phil still needs to eat, drink, breathe, sleep, etc and as a result he can be for example suffocated (albeit it would take longer than usual) or starved. He’s a normal human in every way except for his ability to ignore physical attacks and damage, so while he’s immune to harm he’s not actually invincible. Even Juggernaut gets defeated and he’s both indestructible and Hulk class in strength AND literally unstoppable once he gets moving.

true Phil isn’t invincible and he is still human and can die from obvious things but in the sense of combat he basically nullifies all things coming in contact with him it is shown that not just physical but magic too as with the magi of earth thing and other instances

This is why I love him as a character. He’s not stupid, he’s goofy. He’s dangerously intelligent and strategic, just doesn’t use it for violence. He’d rather talk his opponent down than beat them down, but he has shown he is willing to beat someone down if he has to.

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