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When you just waled on the guy and beat him down, the part where he is unharmed and even looks a bit bored as he gets right back up ought to inspire just a little bit more in the way of reexamining one’s tactics, I think.

She’s quite lacking in the ability to recognize her own limitations and has a majorly over-inflated ego and feeling of self-worth. Phil will need to absolutely crush her just to have a chance of causing her to reevaluate her actions and behavior.

Unbreakable? Just like a certain clear gemstone. Cue roundabout.

If you’re referring to diamonds… those are actually quite brittle. Give them a slight tap in the wrong place and you will have a bunch of fragments. They also burn quite nicely. They are, however, extremely resistant to cuts/abrasion and to chemicals. Just some random Goldsmith facts 🙂

Is this a JoJo reference?

Is it? I dont remember that.

again its not like Phil has a reason to have a broken sprite, he knew coming in he was slower and weaker then her. it also appears Lilith doesn’t understand how much pain Phil is feeling here. she’s acting like he’s feeling the full force of her hit when its more likely to be closer to light taps to Phil.

Everybody here is convinced that Phil is going to turn this whole thing around, like he’s been toying with her, but like you say, he knows he slower, weaker, and his spirit won’t really be broken by the imaginary pain from this beating. What I hope comes out of this, is him finally having his Magi communion, like with the other magi, finally getting in contact with his power, and not just reacting.

i’ll agree I’m hoping for a power up ( maybe not full connection) but even being slower and weaker Phil would still win this fight just because of who his opponent is. honestly if it was any other robot girl Phil would lose because they’d know when to walk away but Lilith doesn’t. Lilith is a hot head she’s not going to take him brushing off her attacks well for long. she’s used to people being afraid of her, she even expected that from Phil here. sure she’s excited now because she thinks being playing it tough but once she realizes there is nothing she can do to stop him from getting up, nothing she can do to make him fear her…
well that’s going to make her mad, worst that going to make her scared and she’s going to slip up/lash out to him and that’s when i expect Phil’s new power up to kick in all honestly

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