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Phil just looks bored.

I think he realizes just how pathetic she is.

Uhm, not sure how you would think Phil finds her pathetic, he’s got a lot of respect for the robot girls, and he doesn’t have his staff to beat her. His face isn’t really bored- that would be this face -_-
His lip is curled and his eyebrows are lifted and curved… This usually shows worry or depression. He feels defeated. He knows she hasnt really hurt him, he can get up, but as things are now she knows how to keep his attention and can just keep putting him back down. In other words… He’s thinking of giving up.

Sorry Sage, I was a little harsh there. I thought maybe he was feeling sorry for her as all she is being is a bully and Phil does not like bullies. That’s her personality in a crazy robot girl nutshell. So I was thinking he would just sit there and take it so she would feel superior and he could go on with his day.
It does also let him know about a major weakness so she did him a favor.

wow she is far to pathetic and sadistic to be aloud to live free, his “child” or not i don’t understand why shdien didn’t brain in a jar her before. i am really looking foreword to her getting hurt here now i really don’t see any other way for this t go down now

Knew something was off with her constant talking. It just did not seem to be quite her, as its not as violent as punching. I now realize that i way underestimated her intelligence……which really, robot girl, shame on me. But honestly she is acting like an asshole, and i hope she gets karma-hammered really, REALLY soon.

If I’m remembering correctly, the point of him sparring with her was to test his ability as a Null to negate attacks, and to see if there’s any flaws in said ability. She might seem like a cruel person or an asshole right now, but as far as she sees it, right now she’s just doing her job.
I’ll hold off on calling her an asshole/bitch until after the sparring match. Once we see more of her in a non-combative role, then I, and we the readers in general, should be able to form a solid opinion of her.
After all, do remember the one non-combative things she’s done so far is kiss Lien and state she’s always wanted to do that. This is just a theory at this point, but this behavior of hers might be her with out inhibitions. Something that can be rather entertaining.

True, we have barely seen her outside of combat related situations.

Exactly. As far as we know, this is just her fighting style when not on that auto-pilot murderspree mode that she seemed to go on before hand. Since then, both times we’ve seen her fight she’s been a fair bit mouthy. Granted, this time she’s more so, but as she explain, it’s because that means that Phil wont have a chance to not pay attention to her.

So what happens when the null powers he doesn’t actually know how to talk to or control decide she’s gone just a bit too far? I vote for “Stop punching yourself” glitch but im open to anything really.

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