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the joke of all this is shes acting like any of this is effecting Phil in some way, she could hit him forever and all Phil would do is brush himself off and ask if its his turn yet.
tho this is does feel like its heading down the path i was kind of hoping for.
Lilith is going to say something stupid (most likely about kate) and make Phil mad and his null powers will show themselves to not be as completely defensive as everyone thinks they are. still unlikely but it would be an interesting thing to see.

I’m not sure if she’s angry, happy, or both.

point of fact. he doesnt take damage, but still feels pain. so this is still a brutal beat down that hurts like hell. so unless phil can zone out like hes done with practice, though this time while being beat down, hes in for a world of hurt.

Phil only ‘feels’ the pain if he thinks it should hurt. Its Psychosomatic Pain. With his glasses off, he can’t see where he’s going to be hit and how hard so he can’t process the pain like he could if his glasses were on. The event is already over before he realizes he’s been hit.

You know those folding fans they use in anime, when punishing perverts and jokers? Those really only make a loud noise, and don’t really hurt more than feelings. That would cause more pain to Phil I think, than any other weapon can.

Actually traditional fans were bladed, and if you hit with them on the side properly and they were metal you can have a similar effect as a deadblow hammer

Probably not as much as you’d think. He has in the past indicated that his sense of pain (at least for excessive trauma) is comparatively dull. Do also remember that for a time he decided that falling down flights of stairs was preferable to walking them ( ), and described being skewered by who knows how many blades as “only hurt a bit when it happened but now it just feels uncomfortable” ( )

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