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I’m curious how his “shield of unawarness” will interact with her. The bullet got vaporized, the staff just stopped. And with the glasses gone, he will be unaware of almost anything that will be going on in that fight. But I’m really not sure how that will impact his plan of having fun.

To her defense, few people actually keep their glass while fighting (beside that “I’m pretty much legally blind else” dude in FMP)

eh, I keep mine on, but I have a fair number of years of martial arts behind me, and find that people tend to focus on hitting them, which makes it so much easier to fight them.


Not much of an “uh” tbh. I’m former military and have gotten in my fair share of fights, typically in bars / college towns. 9/10 times, the idiot college kid that thinks they can fight is going to throw a punch towards the face to try and hit / break said glasses. Competition is a bit different, but I have some sports glasses designed for martial arts for that.

Im having a really hard time deciding if phill is op or not.

i think the answer is…”yeah kind of ”
if Phil was anyone else he would definitely be over powered as they would actively use these powers to their advantage all the time and no one could stop them. in the end its phil’s laidback attitude, kindness and low ambition that keep him form being over powered.
he’s literally an unstoppable GOD … who just wants to lead an quite anonymous life with his cat girl wife in a peaceful world…. just don’t get in the way of that … or else

but those traits are also what let him use his power. the lack of focus makes him untouchable. if he had drive or ambition he would build himself up and not be able to utilize his powers as well. his power is literally better the more useless he is. it is good at keeping him alive but not those around him, so if he isn’t the target he rather useless (power wise as he is knowledgeable) that is what make me question if his is op or not. you can just ignore him.

i think you and i see his powers differently.
the only thing keeping phil from being untouchable all the time is himself not his powers. once phil get in touch with his powers he won’t likely need to be distracted. we already know the null aura can reach out (knocked out the magic book at 20 feet) can be selectively targeted (he should kill all robot girls within his range but unconsciously choices not to) and change shape (as seen with hue help) so there no reason to think it can’t be used to protect others once phil learns to really control it.

Sad to say it but the closest approximation to his powers comes from Twilight. The main character has a similar ability that works almost word-for-word the same but rather than affecting magic it blocks out mind control effects. They can even stretch out in the sort of same way. so it will be interesting to see his powers reach fruition.

This reminds me of the manga and anime Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. His childhood friend turned enemy had the pretentious name of Odin and became more dangerous after being asked to remove his glasses by Kenichi who didn’t realize it would let Odin better access his awareness training. He was able to perfectly block every attack once he could no longer see properly without his glasses. So asking his friend/enemy to remove his glasses was almost as bad a mistake for him as we’re going to see here for her.

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