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Lilith is quickly becoming my favorite character in the comic… Right behind Blue, Nami, and the little mage who gave Kate magic lessons. (I don’t remember her name…)

She certainly has her charms.
I mean, there’s certainly a minimum safe distance, but she is pretty fun to watch at work. (When she’s not homicidal/insane, obviously.)

She’s reminding me a bit of a close friend of mine in the last few scenes she’s been in, so that might be helping my opinion of her.
To be fair though, even back when first introduced I’ve liked Lilith. Never really had a reason to hate her, despite wanting to kill Shinden. (Was that how his name was spelt again?) It probably helped that we didn’t really get to know much about her until her first appearance. Hell, if I’m remembering correctly, we didn’t even know ABOUT her until that arc.

May have been better to just say nothing to her about rules. All telling her not to choke him did was tell her a weakness.

IS it a weakness, though?

yes it is one of few ways to kill him. he needs to eat and breath. so yes definitely a weakness.

I was thinking more along the lines of “would it prevent him breathing for any other reason than his belief that it would?”

if she just hits him there then it shouldn’t but if she grabs then yes. but there is a masive consistinsy problem so Sage know…and Alex? wait is this a one or two man comic. if i remember right sage did the art and alex did the scripts. is that still a thing?

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