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Well, she got a point. Why hasn’t she moved out yet tho ^^; There are a lot of free rooms in the building

To be fair, I don’t think Michelle moving in was ever supposed to be a temporary thing…
They might have said it at the beginning, but after she revealed to Kate that the robots can act as sexy heating blankets, a fact I’m sure Blue found out about quickly after Nami finally said yes to dating her, Kate probably re-discussed the Michelle situation with Phil behind the scenes.
‘sides, she’s a robot girl, what’s not cool about having one as a room-mate?
On that note, I’m glad that Nami and Blue’s relationship is going in a happy direction, for both of them.

I always did think of John Henry as the loser rather than winner. He had a Pyrrhic victory, sure he barely beat out the machine in that one instance but it killed him, meanwhile the machine was just fine and could do it again and again and again so the machine really won because John just couldn’t keep up with what it could do.

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