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The Ear Moved.
I wonder if its tactile.

well Nami and the androids have observed Kate and blue so I guess for authenticity’s sake they would make them authentic

Silly Nami, you’re supposed to make it match your hair so it looks like it belongs! (Unless you’re Kate, because tiger ears > cat ears)

I’ve always hated the idea that the ears have to match the hair color. It’s fine if they do but it’s a boring rule people try to force on artist. Not even kidding. I’ve had people tell me I’m doing Catgirls wrong by having non-matching ears to hair. I’m not upset with you saying this. I know you don’t mean anything by it. Bringing it up though let me vent a bit and that’s healthy or something. Right? Anywho… Did you notice that the ear color does match someone else? Also I have drawn Lien with kitty ears before 😀

honestly, I think mismatching ears are better. From a visual standpoint it creates a (usually) pleasing contrast. Contrasting can work when they are the same hue, but they definitely need to be a different value (usually darker) to work.

I agree that not every catgirl’s (and catboy’s) hair and fur colors should match. What about naturally flamepoint or sealpoint kitties, nyao? (And I’m not just saying this because I’m a “reverse flamepoint”–black ears and tail, red hair–in human form; in cat form, I’m completely black-furred.) I say that they’re your catgirls, and if you want them “mismatched”, then make them that way! Doubly so because we kitties don’t always match up IRL, “magical genetics” being what they are.

Yes, i did notice. And maybe match was the wrong word there… Blend, maybe? But then, I’ve always been one for single-colour schemes in my own characters (my Final Fantasy XIV miq’ote, Caiemita Tigersoul, for instance, has red hair with blonde highlights, red furred ears and tail (with a blonde tail-tip), and typically dresses all in red)

Why do I think Lien would look better in Panda/Ursine ears instead of feline or canine ears?

Ever notice there seems to be a standard where a girl who is generally seen as cool/cold/a badass has to have an extreme soft spot for cute things…not saying it’s not true, just noting that it has been around for as long as I can remember.

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