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i’ve seen rocks with more of a reaction to getting punched

reminds me of Saitama myself, the enemy throwing everything they could at them and he’s all like ‘huh?’

If he is unaware he is invulnerable/unaffected by outside influence. Very useful if he can figure how to use it.

Phil reminds me of Bink from the first few Xanth novels.

Except even Bink could be killed by a mundane attack (hence why his power would manipulate events to look like some coincidence protected him rather than his power). Phil doesn’t even have to worry about that, since his opponents so far at least have such a limited mindset as to focus on direct, injurious attacks none of them think of subtle attacks like suffocation or drowning.

While those methods might work, I’m not sure how they would get him into the water/sit still long enough to pass out. Like you can’t magic a hole underneath him, you can’t just shoot water at him, the mages we’ve seen so far generally aren’t the buff people that could manhandle you into the water… and if he had his staff on him like he would in most conflicts it’s not like conventional methods for getting him to sit still long enough to suffocate/drown would be that effective either when he’s swinging around a two-ton stick at you.
I guess maybe they could hire mundane mercenaries to use conventional explosives to blow up a bridge he was crossing or something and then dogpile him underwater, but other than that…

see that’s why you don’t throw a punch like that kids. open palm strike people its a sold bone battering ram and very unlikely to brake.

You would think a combat android’s wrist wouldn’t bend that way when impacting. Clear indicator that she punched improperly, regardless of Phil’s immunity.

You are missing something vital to why her wrist did that. The final panel and how shes moving her hand and fingers around is a clue.

Robot girls are powered by magic, to include their limbs. While punching Phil, her arm was affected by his power and she lost control of her hand. I suspect this hasn’t come up in the past because Staffanie and Lien never attacked him directly with their bare hands (although, I do recall Lien grabbing Phil by the neck and using him as a shield, so that might poke holes in my theory, except for the whole “Phil’s power typically doesn’t want to harm people” thing)

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