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How is she casting spells without the bracelet?

She has lots of different items she can use mana from. The bracelets, the necklace, anklet, rings, nipple piercings. That last one is a joke.

Joke it may be, but it would be a clever way to keep a hidden source of mana on hand for emergencies.

A popular wedding band for women I’ve noticed, (yet to see a man wear one like this at any rate), is a two-ring set-up that uses the engagement ring as the inner-piece and the wedding ring as the outer-piece. I wonder if Phil has thought of trying to make something like that for Kate (with help of course) but using some orihalcom instead of a standard metal.

you say that last one was a joke but by the power of the internet somewhere someplace it is being uploaded right now

And if anime has taught me anything this year, it’s that if the internet says it, it will be true….

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