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Not sure if this was in some way inspired or encouraged by my comment recently, but regardless if it was or not…..
Thank you, Sage! This is what I was wanting to see with these two! ^_^ Also, happy holidays and birthdays, Sage!

Generally the comic isnt influenced by comments unless it is something I can recognize as a flaw or something missing that shouldn’t be. For example if a bunch of people don’t understand something, it’s probably not that they are wrong, it’s that it was explained poorly. Large portions of Yosh! are done sporadically, sometimes to fill in time, to pad things out, usually to make sure everyone reading has some time to let what just happened sink in for a bit. So you do some innocent simple cute stuff for a little while. The Characters decompress a bit and then you hop on the next train for some more “real story”. These little breaks are important, and not in a filler sense of “We just need to pad things out so we have time to work on bigger parts”. It’s more about pacing and letting the story come to a resting point so it can start building to the next climax.
I have story arcs planned, some more so than others, but not a strict script. I also have a list of interactions and relationships. Showing certain characters that dont always get to interact with each other doing just that, or popular characters exploring their relationships with each other. Those short little bits with Phil and Kate, the random shenanigans that the Demoness or Blue might get up to, these, while not vital to the plot, are vital to transitions.

Doesn’t that make them vital to the plot though?
Transitions and pacing are two very important things in long running things after all.

That’s true to a point but pacing for a frequently updated web comic and a printed comic are very different depending on how you read it. It’s very hard to find a good fit for week to week readers and people who save up to read whole arcs at once. For a webcomic most pages have to have a punch line or plot point in each update. This can look weird for someone reading page after page and long bits of downtime for weekly readers is nothing for people reading it all at once. This creates a problem where it’s too short for some and too long for others.

Well, you seem to have hit the nail on the head with Yosh! so far. At least for me it has, even when I go back an re-read the whole comic when I get bored, the pacing seems to fit. (I’ve done that about… 3 times now I think. But who’s counting?)

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