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#1998 – Knight and Wizard

#1998 – Knight and Wizard published on 21 Comments on #1998 – Knight and Wizard

Streaming tonight at 9pm EST! (Yep- EST, no longer EDT) Like every Friday night I will be streaming and I should also be streaming at 3pm EST on Saturday where I will, as usual, be coloring the next Artificial Incident page. Hope to see ya there!


I think Phil means he likes having her there because they are engaged?

one of these days I want a definitve answer to whether phil is or isn’t immortal

Pen Pen has stated that he is not immortal just invulnerable. He can be coked to death, granted it might just take longer to do it then most people.

also it was Pepsi not coke

Choked to death. Forgot the “H”. He is very durable. He did jump from a high rise building a few times and took a fireball to the face.
Plus now they know he can just erase or flat out stop anything coming at him if he is not paying attention to it. Like the bullet that was shot at him.

I don’t think you should was time answering mundane questions…but
okay for starters isn’t phil’s null power suppose to stop magic how is a bullet shot from a gun magic if anything it’s a chemical reaction and fall’s under science

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