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Heard about that from the Anime Ghost Hunt myself. Except that version was based around a type of revenge. The next step after you have the one insect left is to put lots of money into it and leave it on the doorstep of someone you hate. They will take the money and spend it not realizing that they just cursed themselves, in the end if they do not put all the money back with interest, the insect eats the members of the household and the process just keeps escalating.

No, seriously though. Guys, go check out AI. I’ve been reading it since it started, and it’s really good. I’m very much enjoying the story. The art is just as good as Yosh! is now. I mean, it’s not like Sage puts less effort into either one. The characters are super fun too read as well; it’s a similar kind of witty dialogue as Yosh! but with different reasons and scenarios. I’m not endorsed by Sage or anything, but I feel like people reading Yosh! and not Artificial Incident is just silly. Every Wednesday update of Yosh! shouldn’t have to come with a reminder that Artificial Incident exists.

Telling your subject matter expert to shut when trying to figure out the subject seems pretty silly. It usually sets up the proverbial “Bad Time” for the person doing the yelling. You’d think Emi would’ve learned by now to not doubt, or at least not antagonize, her teammates.

Emi is the expert on this, she knows Phil has some insight into what a Kodoku is but not the kind of expert information she has.

Sure, but I would think this also a case of one learning about it because it was genuinely interesting to him and the other learning about it because she was required to by her family. Who was actually paying attention when the info originally came up? 🙂

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