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huh so maybe it DID take damage from the fire, from seeing the fire still lingering on it in the first panel.
And i really hope it looks at Phil and goes “YOU!!!!!…….what the heck are you?” cause as we remember from Kate’s ghost servant summon, things that are pure magic can’t see him clearly. Then again i dont know if this spirit is pure magic so whoknows.

should be a pretty interesting analyze if it tries to figure out what Phil is also I am curious if anyone finds Phil guilty

i mean, Phil is PLENTY guilty if you choose something thats not negative to be guilty of. He is guilty of being the friendliest guy around.

I guess that is true but I am curious if he has some action that has lead to someone’s death or if someone holds a grudge against him that would lead to the big black shadow saying he is guilty

I mean, he was, directly or indirectly, the biggest cause for the first Magi of Power that appeared in the comic to die. Cause he literally made any and all magic she threw to kill them fail, so she did the whole MASSIVE SELF-DETONATION MAGIC. Not to mention the many supernatural beings he has killed with his staff. Supernatural or not it still counts as killing.
or was it self detonation? i dont remember if it was or if she was just stabbed.

his involvement with her was kinda minor actually she got drunk on her power ironically and when “Axel” used phil as a distraction he stabbed her and well the power wanted to be released really fast…hey actually where the hell is Axel we haven’t seen hid or hair of him since his vacation with the demoness? as for the supernatural beings most of what he destroyed was mindless or soulless if I remember right so no he can’t really be found guilty of killing those, at most he was a accessory to the First(?) Magi of Powers death

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