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Nothing like a small gust of wind in a creepy place like a monster infested forest at night, outside an abandoned house, after having seen a dead body that can only have been killed by some sort of spirit monster (called it btw) in all likelihood, to set you on edge, the worst part is, if it was a more physical being, the halls and corridors would make for decent impromptu defenses, now without magical reinforcement they would be a death trap.

Of course it doesn’t help that the primary offense of 2 of their party are only really helpful against physical attacks, Phil and Rayne, and while Phil does drain magical beings, that only has reach if he’s thrown and they want to keep close to him because of the fog of teleportation, Rayne’s local knowledge and sensor systems will help significantly, honestly though the best equipped member of their party for this is Kate, that isn’t to say Emi and Serena aren’t going to play an important part, they represent 2 of the 8 most powerful magic users on Earth, or at least of the full time residents of Earth, Emi can turn at least the physical assets to their side, hard to think of what Serena will uniquely bring, but that is because all the other fire users are all brawn and berserk brute force, so we don’t know a lot of the elemental mythos of fire, not like water and power. Water is healing and deception, Power is control and detection, Earth possibly fortification/strength (one Earth Magi was able to imprison Penpen’s cousin for an eon) and possibly patience, Fire could be linked to passion but the thing is that we have only seen Serena use fire in more than its basic form.

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