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well if hes an andriot , magnetism ;if not telekinesis

I believe it was said/hinted that Rayne is the only android on the ranger’s team. Furthermore, Shiden is the only one currently capable of making androids that are this advanced and he only makes female androids.
So the chances that Johan is an android are very, very slim.

so telekinesis it is 😛

not necessarily could be possession + over charging his neck muscles, an ethereal entity that is only as physical as it wants to be, a boneless creature (slime, tentacle, vine and so on) and I am sure a few that I cant think of

thats why I said boneless or ethereal, telekinetic also works but that usually implies a far more intelligent creature, and then there is still the question, why leave the body? the fact that it left the body intact with the exception of the twisted neck is more disturbing than if it ate some of it, it also narrows down the type of monster.

I would like to petition a namechange for the poor guy. From “Johan Kock” to “Johann Koch”.
Reasons for this change:
Johan -> Johann, the latter one is simply the german spelling of the name.
Kock -> Koch:
I think “Kock” is not a real surname, or if it is, it certainly isn’t a common one in Germany. “Koch” on the other hand is a relatively common surname, since it originated from a trade, like Smith or Tailor (“Koch” means cook or chef).

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