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I hadn’t really paid much attention to that before, but what are the ‘elements’ in this case?
Most media use 4 elements (earth, wind, water, fire) or 5 if they go with a more Chinese setting (earth, metal, water, wood, fire).
Here we have earth, water, fire, power, life, and death. Do Life and Death count as one magi? Or are they opposite sides of the same element but split over two people, but then what is the sixth element?
And of course there is the vile (demon magi) and the saint (celestial magi).

I assume they’re using four of the five classic Greek elements (air, earth, fire, water, but not spirit/mana/quintessence), as well as life/light/energy and death/darkness/entropy, with celestials probably being part of light/life and demons being part of darkness/death. “Null” would then be antimagic, kind of like how electricity can be grounded out or how sound can be neutralized by same frequency and opposite polarity sound waves.
But I’m just guessing here.

Earth, Water, Fire, “Power”. Power is an expanded version of AIr/Electricity to encompass manipulation of thought/feelings because I felt it didn’t fit right in many other options. Life and Death are both separate and connected and this is shown by the fact that they call it one element yet there are 2 magi, who are also twins and they would die without each other. So calling them one magi but having 2 elements is a way of connecting them while making it known that something is odd about the setup.
That’s it for magic from the “universe”. Celestial magic comes from the boundary of the universe so it’s technically an outsider magic made to protect the universe from the things beyond the universe, their influence created demons so what is considered to be Demon Magic is an in-universe version of Eldritch/Outsider magic. That’s why they aren’t considered part of the 5 Magi or the 6 elements.

You know i have been meaning to ask about that. So they will die without each other, but how? I get that princess is in a kind of always dieing state and life is keeping her alive but what about him? Everything we know points to her just being a drain on him. What does she bring to the table that keeps him alive?

They are intrinsically linked through their form of reincarnation. Effectively, their souls are connected and when hers passes out of her mortal form its like a stretched unbreakable rubber band- eventually it pulls him back- or rather his soul would be ripped out so the process could be renewed. It wouldnt be instant, but it would eventually happen. This is why he also has a bit of a disconnect from her. When she does finally die, she will effectively drag him down with her. Visa versa if he died but, her death would be a bit more violent as her magic would consume her before the whole “Soul ripping” part.

He has a point.
And let’s see… we have earth, fire, power, water, life, death, saint, vile, and null… so, nine magi, altogether?

I don’t think the Null should be classified with any of those, it seems like an entirely separate anomaly.

I have to confess this comic loses me sometimes, i have to do a reread every once in a while.

I would disagree. I mean, the magical neutralizer of magic (extended to neutralize all harmful things) doesn’t seem like it would be that separate from a magi’s magic. And there’s only one Null, like there’s only one magi of power, or fire, or any of the others. And they’ve been laying groundwork for the theory that Phil’s Null powers come from a connection to some entity that has some intelligence to it, also like the magi.

So this has ben bugging me: If the fog teleports people, does that mean the others are going to get teleported somewhere and leave Phil behind, or is Phil somehow protecting them all by staying in their sight?

We’ve been shown that his nullification works with his subconscious, so I think it is protecting the group with out endangering Rayne’s core or the magic of the others. We haven’t gotten specific details, but there was a chapter a while ago where we got a “huh, cool” as an answer from Phil when asked why he can interact with the magically-powered girls. I hope we get more on it, but right now I’m interested in what they’ll find here.
A side note, but I hope we get to check in on the Vile storyline soon. It’s been a while, and that’s always super interesting.

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