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Dangit, a monster infestation. You should probably call in a bunch of adventurers in to clear that out… oh wait.

To be clear ever since the Weirding, the Black Forest in Germany has been a monster infestation, and while they occur and have been sighted elsewhere, the Black Forest has had the highest concentration and has been effected the most by magic spikes, such as improper elemental release, (Fire and Power), the Black Forest Rangers keep it from becoming an outbreak and respond to major monster incidents elsewhere.

Isn’t the reason a couple years ago Emi’s idiot cousin? The previous power magi

The idiot cousin was the one that worked for the mob, and was captured by Axel. The previous power magi didn’t do anything with fog that was mentioned in the comics. (Monsters existing were a result of her releasing her magic, hence why Emi was asked to come along, because monsters are her schtick)

I meant the idiot cousin that was the previous Magi, both are described as idiots, but immediately after Power’s magic was released there was a spike in monsters occurring, this coincides with the time-frame that the black Forest got worse than it was since the weirding, the fog wasn’t mentioned because it wasn’t a local problem, not in the scope of the comic’s attention, improper release of the elemental magic caused shit to happen both times someone carelessly released one.
It is established that weird magic stuff happens a lot in the Black Forest, hence why the Black Forest Rangers exist, to keep it from getting out of control.
Remember the Magi power passes down approximately by blood, Emi was the next one in line, so unless they were siblings they were first cousins,

Key word: if.
Let’s do a head count, hm? Magi, Magi, Null, Null’s fiance (with maybe a little tutoring from the Demon King), and…actually, is that all?
Eh. Most worrisome would be Kate. And you know Phil would tell the others to throw him in the line of fire if necessary.
Don’t worry, Rayne. If anything, feel bad for whatever stirred up the trouble this time.

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