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Well, she *did* turn down the android girls and ask for him instead, so… she can’t really complain when she gets three of the most powerful magi in the world alongside him instead. And wouldn’t this make the second time in a row she’s been dismissive of someone only to be proven wrong?

Well technically in the conventional sense, Kate is only as magically powerful as her foci, so long as her foci have juice, she is talented and has a heck of a lot of powerful foci, current value as one of if not the most valuable collections of such items, until Shiden can attune the orichalcum economically and market it, Kate can channel more energy and preform more complex spells than most people, but compared to most mages, its the difference between drawing power from a home power outlet, and an array of batteries, you can pull more power from batteries, upper limit being what your hardware can handle, but they wont last very long if you draw that kind of power, Kate CAN draw that kind of power, she can make Dead Orichalcum, with effort yes but reliably, so if she isn’t careful, she can run out of juice very quickly and if she needs to draw more than the foci should be drained, than she can permanently damage her foci,

speech raised to 100
charisma lowered by -2 .-.

lowered by -2….so +2 do to the double negative?

standard text oriented RPG standard, you can look at just the beginning and the end of the line to understand it.

Actually I see the point, Androids for the most part wouldn’t be able to bring anything new that Rayne and Black Forest Rangers wouldn’t have already had, to one extent or another, if the Rangers couldn’t handle it, then another angle is needed, though I am guessing Lien might be aboard, in any case the BDUs (for lack of a better term) and the VTOL are likely loaded with sensors so this is a chance to get real world data on Emi, Serena and Kate and how their magic works.
I am still looking forward to seeing Lien’s Orrichalcum gun and other weapons. Kate’s foci magic is closest to what the Androids are familiar with and would be feasibly able to replicate.

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