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Most skilled in terms of direct combat type magic I am assuming? Lia is probably better in the magic that is not related to explodey type shenanigans right?

Emi has the power to straight up dominate most monsters. That’s part of the reason why shes called the Magi of Power and not the Magi of Lightning/Electricity- she has the POWER over most creatures born of magic. She also can see if a creature is born of magic, thus why she could see Phil as the Null, he wasn’t a void of magic but rather a well of stars and mix of magics.
If Emi runs into a group of goblins, she can command them to do her bidding and they have no choice but to obey. The Black Forest is crawling with creatures of all kinda- the vast majority being spirits and monsters she can control.

Hello Sage. I love your guys works!! I read you, Tom, MasterGodai, Nekonny, Phuufy and Skidd and RazorFox!!!! Of course, I’m just fanboying atm. I want to ask you a question. I want to start drawing comics like you guys, but I suck at drawing furries (anthropomorphic animals, as the technical term goes). Do you have any tips for me? If so, please tell me. If not, that’s ok. I still appreciate your work. From, Wilco Whiteheart (My OC’s name, because of privacy reasons.) See you next comic page!!!

Without knowing exactly what you struggle with it’s hard to give good instruction on what you can do to improve. So the best I can do is say to study, find styles you like and practice as much as possible. For doing comics, I used to recommend just doing it because you learn a lot from the process, but some people don’t take criticism well. You need criticism to get better. It helps to remove the veil of what you want to see and shows you what you have actually done. For example if you type something out, and you make a typo or you use the wrong word. If you go back to read it, you will probably miss the typo or the wrong word because you remember what you were TRYING to type as you wrote it. So you read it as you thought you wrote it. Same happens when drawing. It’s why digital artist will flip their canvas often because it changes their perspective. If something looks “wrong” after mirroring it, it was wrong to begin with. Mirroring something should never make it look bad. If it does, the drawing was bad and your brain made it look how you thought it did, not what it actually looked like. Oh and before digital artist people just used Mirrors 😀

Ok. I guess I just struggle with actually drawing them, let alone even beginning a comic strip! I’m that sort of person who takes criticism and puts it to use. Thanks for attempting anyway. Nice to see that some artists actually like to talk to their viewers. 😉 I’m not a very good artist anyway. Just passed Art with B’s and C’s from Grade 5 to 8. But Hey!! I think I put too much expectations onto myself to be like you guys! Because you started with no colouring and, pardon my language, a crappy style. Tom also started with a crappy style but you two have gotten better over time! I just think I need to lower my expectations. That and keep drawing.! XD I’ll see you later.
P.S I’m only just starting out and so I don’t have a digital tablet.

Tom and I became friends near the beginning of our comics, and we helped each other by pointing out areas we struggled with and improved because of it. We didn’t just compliment each other over and over and because of it we are better artist than we were. Of course we always tried to do the classic “I like this but this could be better- try this/look into this” and we still do. Neither of us has ever been like “Your work sucks- get better”. That’s been more and more common than the “Compliment/Critique” style that I grew up with… Though lately its been more “Your work sucks- kill yourself” which is far less helpful than just saying “get better” and get better isnt very helpful either 😀

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