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Incoming misunderstanding however I cannot blame Kate, no doubt we will have an encounter with her mom, based on what we have been told I am guessing she is probably a leader/member of a anti-chimera group and/or helped write that registration act.
Not everyone can be redeemed or even feel they need to be redeemed.

ty for the page
btw i really love her shadow its cute
i… don’T remember but did she have a name?

So Kate’s all calm acceptance on the outside, but raging angst on the inside, and we know this about this repression thanks to her summon having an … empathic feedback replay feature? That’s going to be … uh, useful in the future.

Some say that ‘The Past is the Past’. I say that these things need to be acknowledged and taken care of before they spiral out of control. Thankfully Kate’s got Phil and an entire apartment of people who care for her now…but…I’ve a feeling we’ll be seeing Kate’s mom REAL soon.

hey, sorry about this but i just thought i would point it out, but shouldn’t it be “Did you forget how to break the eggs?” instead of “Did you forget how do break the eggs?”

Don’t be sorry for correcting a mistake! I really appreciate it. I’m surprised no one caught it sooner. It’s very easy to miss small typos like that when you already know what it should say.

yeah, plus with how our minds works making it harder in itself. Like if if a word is spelled close to the correct spelling our minds auto adjust what we think we see to what its suppose to be. That probable why no one said anything sooner too. I know the first time i read that sentence i saw do as to myself. Also, thanks!

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