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ah yes the mother who threw her out on the streets because she grew animal parts…..yeah the bar is not really that high, so thats a really easy goal.

are you sure?
what do you think the child will think if she DOESN’T have any power? no animal parts? no magic immunity? and to top it off a “no magic” anommaly? that might be pretty hard from the childs view
btw ty for the page

Based on the fillers, she gets her mother’s stripes

it was more on the touch “the bar is pretty low” it still is only a small chance that she could develop inferiority complex because of it, but the chances are there
and shush fillers are future spoilers 😛
they could also be the missing twins of both of em *gg*

even if the child does not have any power Kate would not literally throw her out of the house without caring. her mother literally threw her out and acted as shit as possible, making being a better mother than her a really easy to achieve goal.

nono you got me all wrong xD
i meant from the child side
think about it there were a few cartoons (norman normal was something like that where even the dog got superpowers) about something like that. everyone in the family was special only one child not
im not saying kate as the mother would do that
but if the child has those feelings it can be pretty hard, even more on kate who will try to be a better mom and will do everything in her power to show that to her kids
i probably haven’t got my point over again ^^”

misunderstandings and confusion can often happen after all. and i did not see that point in anything you wrote so its likely my own inability to see your point that caused this. but hey we got a good little argument out of it :3

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