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Axel ! Wait, no. Pen-pen !

Who is going to be very upset and likely blame Phil for messing things up…. Or requesting a supply of jello as a stress releaver since he’s having to be all Demon Kingy.

It /has/ been quite a while since the Jello addiction was referenced. xD

Pepsi and Jello shipments will now have to be set up for Hell…I’m sure Shiden will figure something out, there are probably some minerals unique to Hell he can trade for….

welp. been almost 2 years since I last checked. Archive still broken as fuck.

Katbox is in the middle of a server restructuring. Its a given that a few links and pages is still a little wonky since everything had to be re-uploaded from scratch (There’s still comic series that haven’t finished being uploaded). I’m sure that Sage will work on making it easier to navigate through chapters in the archive once the dust settles. I believe!

Archive worked just fine a few months ago and had been working for well over a year before that. As Feartheswans explained, we recently had to wipe our entire server and reupload everything from scratch. Mihari has some changes she wants to make to the archive system so that’s not being fixed until she is ready to do that.
That all said every comic is up and nothing else is missing. You can browse through the comics as normal and if you need help finding something I’d be happy to help.

Any word on how Artificial Incident is coming, or should I just keep waiting patiently until you chase down all the bugs?

I don’t know the status on it, it’s on the list but the list is big and Mihari has been staying up all night multiple nights a week working on them. I’m sure as soon as AI is on the list it will be one of the faster ones and she’ll let me know. Then I’ll get ready to upload all the comics since it was last updated and I look forward to what everyone thinks about it! New comic is already colored for this week too!
If you havent seen the new pages though everything so far has recently been uploaded to my tumblr page here!

Ah, in other words, “as long as it takes”. -_^ Okay, I’ll just have to be patient… which is hard to do since AI was starting to get interesting and now I can’t wait to see what happens next. Oh well, excrement happens, ne?
Thanks for letting everyone know, BTW. I personally appreciate it, but then again, I’m just a silly cat, nyao! >^_^<

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