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I both like this idea, and I don’t.
I don’t like this idea, precisely because Phil’s nature makes it very likely to work.
I like it because, in this comic at least, the “friendship ploy” has already shown an amazing tendency to backfire.

I was just about to say, this plan has a tremendous chance of backfiring on her in an almost Disney-like fashion. And while she may not be able to use her magic on Phil, perhaps in hanging out with him she will discover that… friendship is magic? :3
Ack! *runs away and hides from the angry mob*

I don’t remember which one, but I seem to recall there being a page inwhich someone compares Life and Death to unruly children who have never been told “no, you can’t have something” (and in all likelihood, they never have).
Since then, I keep having visions of this comic ending with Kate giving Life and Death a spanking while Phil lectures them on the difference between right and wrong.
I know it won’t end like that, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

Watch Life and Death join up with the rest only to end up finding out as much of a problem all of their friends are, Cortex still has an even bigger tendency to be a pain in the ass….and end up actually working together. (Thus letting them learn even more of the gang’s tricks, but also showing how hard it would still be to fight them anyway.)

I would love to check out your Tumbler and Twitter… if I knew what your Twitter and Tumbler were….

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