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#1875 – Life Returns Home

#1875 – Life Returns Home published on 15 Comments on #1875 – Life Returns Home

Still Finishing things up on the site! But doing pretty good so far. Mihari has restored most of Las Lindas and I think shes working on The Eye of Ramalach right now. Few things here and there still need work but its functional! Forums are also back up too btw!
I will be streaming as normal tonight on Picarto at 9pm here!


Is Life actually sane; at least comparted to his sister?

I’d say he’s as crazy in his own way. It seems he’s keeping his sister alive despite a condition that should have likely killed her ages ago.
If she did died, I’d imagine he’d go all biblical and unleash an immortal plague of locusts, weevils, and other crop/food destroying insects. If giving life (energy) is all you got, ya gotta work through other things. On an individual level causing cancers or various kinds of bacteria/fungus to grow faster would do.

I think I’m missing a page or something here… It went from Death asking about Cain, to this?

That’s all death wanted to know, if it was possible that Cain killed the former Magi of Fire, so she left, and ran into Life coming back home.

That makes sense, but it’s not easy to follow in the comic. A quick panel with Death dismissing Mihari, or just Mihari walking out the door, would have made the transition much less abrupt, in my opinion.

My issue exactly. I apologize if I sounded rude at all by the way Sage, was very, VERY tired as it was.

I get your concern. I feel like its easy enough to figure out, and I dont think its a big enough issue that I need to go back and add a panel to the comic to explain it. I agree it would help smooth it a little bit, and I probably should have realized that sooner, but at the same time I need to keep things moving. If Its that big of an issue though I will try to add it to my work list and go back to add something in.

It’s nothing that big, just something that severely confused me until you explained it. It kinda abruptly cut over to her suddenly chatting with Life, which made my mind think: “Wait, when did we get here? Was Death done talking to her or is there a page missing, or what?”
I tend to have a more literal interpretation than most anyway though, so eh.

I’ve only just noticed this, but is something wrong with her eye? She always keeps it closed, and seems weird to me if it was fully functional.

In a previous conversation between Cain and Mihari, it was heavily implied that she got her eye damaged by someone with a shovel just after the Weirding, hence the scar over it.

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