Rosestone – #01

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Chapter 2 Starts now! . . . Before the cover is done… I ran into some issues with designing the cover so I’ll add it in retroactively eventually. I also need to work on Kaylin’s profile. I need a decent design for it…

Rosestone – #05

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Relm’s a little religious, but when gods are known to show up and talk to people through a celestial avatar it’s a lot more common. Then you know when you meet fanatics it’s gonna be really bad. When do we learn more about the gods and what they do? We’ve got a ways to go… Continue reading Rosestone – #05

Rosestone – #07

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If it’s relatively unsafe without numbers or horses, why would bandits hang around when they can just be around when they know something is worth stealing? Of course larger cities and more well protected cities will probably have more crime beyond their boarders but out here where so few people live it’s infested with dangerous… Continue reading Rosestone – #07