Prologue 10

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Color? Why color suddenly? Well, I can’t give away the exact reason but think of it like a Wizard of Oz kind of thing. The “Real World” is black and white while the “Virtual World” is color. As for why, that will become apparent with time.

Prologue 11

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And we have kinda the first time Kaylin is shown in the comic. This is also something I used to do in games a lot with a bust slider. I would take it as large as it goes, and then scale it back down a bit. So next time we get to go into the… Continue reading Prologue 11

Prologue 14

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And so, Kaylin has already retrieved her goodies and we get to talk about nifty magical equipment already. For those familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder and the like, this a cross between the magical items Gloves of Storing, Mule Back Cords, and a Bag of Holding. The gloves of storing allowed an item… Continue reading Prologue 14

Prologue 15

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Here we go! Rune Aria has many different fantasy races, the playable ones are the more common ones in Fantasy games. Humans (several different kinds based mostly on the kingdoms they were from), Half Elves, Half Orcs, Elves (Dark Elves are broken up into 2 groups, subterranean and overworld, They share many abilities with a… Continue reading Prologue 15

Prologue 16

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Things I might come back to when I decide to take this to print… That first panel. I spent hours doing that using digital water colors and I dunno, it still bugs me. If i kept on working on it though this comic would have never been finished… Parts of it I like, parts of… Continue reading Prologue 16