Rosestone – #23

Rosestone – #23 published on 24 Comments on Rosestone – #23

Kaylin finds herself in a loop of a disappointing love life, little information actually gotten from the library, and a tenuous relationship with the captain of the guard. That always ends up with drinking too much at the tavern… She needs something to break the vicious cycle but… with her memories of her past slipping… Continue reading Rosestone – #23

Elven Issues – #06

Elven Issues – #06 published on 14 Comments on Elven Issues – #06

Big Announcement Time! The Artificial Incident Book is available to order now! If you have any issues ordering please email me at! It’s a brand new system but initial testing seems to show it working properly. Click the banner or here to be directed to the store! Please Note- If you were a supporter… Continue reading Elven Issues – #06