A Different World – #24

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A Different World – #25

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Next week will be the final page of Chapter 1! I’m going to try and have chapter 2’s cover done and the Chapter 2 page 1 up around the same time rather than using the cover as a break period. Well, we’ll see if it goes that way!

Rosestone – #01

Rosestone – #01 published on 12 Comments on Rosestone – #01

Chapter 2 Starts now! . . . Before the cover is done… I ran into some issues with designing the cover so I’ll add it in retroactively eventually. I also need to work on Kaylin’s profile. I need a decent design for it…

Rosestone – #05

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Relm’s a little religious, but when gods are known to show up and talk to people through a celestial avatar it’s a lot more common. Then you know when you meet fanatics it’s gonna be really bad. When do we learn more about the gods and what they do? We’ve got a ways to go… Continue reading Rosestone – #05